How to choose an implant dentist?

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It is very important to find the right implant dentist for your dental implant needs. More often asked is how to go about finding not just a qualified implant dentist but also a good fit for your needs.  The following are some tips to help you choose a qualified implant dentist.

Choose a right dental implant dentist


As it is the case with any professional, the first and foremost criterion to look for is competence. One should look for the extent of experience and skill a dentist has in implant dentistry.

Find out the number of implant operations and variety of implant treatment the dentist has performed. Look for his rate of success. Is this dentist sought after by patients for repair or retreatment of failed implants? Do other dentists refer complex implant cases to this implant dentist?

Continuing Education

An implant dentist should keep him/herself abreast of the continuing developments in implantology, especially as implant technology is progressing at a rapid pace. Look for an implant dentist who is up to date and frequently engaged in study groups and training, or better yet, the master in the field.

Comprehensive consultation

Competence aside, a good implant dentist should be inclined to give each and every potential patient a clear and complete consultation satisfaction. Once doubts and questions are removed, it is easier to move forward and choose a suitable treatment plan. Get consultations with as many dentists as you feel you need until you are sure.

Besides, by having different opinions, you will be able to compare treatment cost and treatment method and compatibility with a dentist.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Before treatment, you should seek informed consent (knowing the risks and benefits of the treatment) and a detailed explanation using case photographs. Any treatment planning should be made with a view to the esthetic, final appearance of the patient’s mouth.

You will feel most comfortable when you know what dental implant treatment is being done to them, how and why you need the treatment. That’s when you will be able to put complete trust in the dentist for your dental well-being.

At Nha Viet Dental Implant Center, our team of doctors and specialists work together to deliver excellent treatment to our customers. We believe that when the doctor speaks directly with the oral surgeon and the lab technician, face-to-face, our team is able to deliver a better patient experience. Every Nhaviet's doctor goes through a rigorous screening process to make sure that they will uphold our strict standards of quality. We look for doctors with experience and excellence in treating their customers. We believe that our dedicated team of professionals, with a specific focus on just dental implants, is a key strength of the Nha Viet Dental Implant Center.

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I had a very positive experience at Denton Modern Dentistry. The office is very high tech and the staff was friendly and warm. I had two fillings and a deep cleaning and was very pleased with the results by Dr. Aranas. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area!

Rita Granetz

December 30th, 2016


Absolutely fantastic surgery, got an appointment that night at genix dental care 45 minutes away in Eastleigh, I'm usually so nervous about visiting the dentist but the dentist I saw was amazing, they made me feel at ease and done a brilliant job, my pain was gone in an hour, the whole team were really nice and friendly.

Joanne Appleby

December 30th, 2016

Eastleigh, England

Dr. Hien is a really top dentist, i find them easy to talk to and they make you feel so relaxed, the receptionists are polite and very helpful and i find the dental practitioners always do a great job. i would not hesitate in recommending this practice 10 out of 10

Nancy Steams

December 30th, 2016

Brisbane, Australia

I've been here quite a few times since my last review. From Dr. Nga, to the staff, and most of all, Ms Trang Dung, my amazing dental hygienist; everyone here has been absolutely wonderful. Trang Dung has literally transformed me from being a complete scaredy-cat into an un-cowardly lion when it comes to getting any dental work done. Not only does she constantly check to make sure that I'm comfortable during my dental cleanings, she's so sweet...

Melody M.

December 30th, 2016

Consett, Co. Durham, England

When I first started going to this surgery I was petrified as I had bad experiences previous. The way I was treated from day till my last appointment has been excellent. The dentist completely understood my fear and between the dentist and the dental nurse started to gently ease me in, I done know what there clever way was but it worked!!!! Since that 1st visit they have made me confident that I have all my treatment awake whereas before I...

Cheryl S.

December 30th, 2016

Paris, TX

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